Monday, 6 June 2011

Gods own country now changed to Devils own country

One of worst tragedies of  recent times , a young girl Soumya 23 year was attacked by a criminal  govindchami in a passenger  train. She was  raped  even  jumped out of the train to escape fm him  & brutally murdred .

This incident make  a noice in the  state . Papers & TV Channels  celebrated the news . Hot news  for many days, Interviews and  dicussions in Channels for women harassments,  Arguments between state govt  & railway ministry  who is the culprit for this incident .  People  talk in all nook & corner  about the  innocent girl and her fate .

But after few months what is the picture now . People , media everyone  forgot the matter.  One innocent girl lost her life  & dreams only because she dare to travel in train alone in night ,  and  her family lost the breadwinner of the poor family .

Now case is going on . Its heard  a big gang is behind Govindchami  to save him fm prison . A group of criminal advocates taken the case  in favour of him . Tomarrow  he will come out of prsion and same story will happen again .

What we are doing ........ Hearing all this we are keeping quiet ........Till another such incident happens we  see thamasa  .  We  see our gods own country  changing into devil own country .......

Pls  wake up  and join me  to reach  this mesg  to  all  such  ladies  who  is  thinking  this can happen to  them also   and  all  such men who is caring their  sisters and girl children .

Pl  fight  & make voice against  this case and   make promise  we  will  not  forget   and    we will  fight  until  he get punished  and he  will not  get out of prison to do one more  such thing .

Pl  forward to maximum people and post your comments ...........................